Welcome to Leverett Family Genealogy

EGMOLev (3)

Emery and Matthew Oliver Leverett

This is a blog and website dedicated to my research into my family history. On my father’s side family names are the Leverett, Avant, Deal, Johnson, Tanner, Harrell, Hodges, Prosser, Stovall, Jones, Bowen, Burnett, and Hutchins families

On my mother’s side are the Shirah, Day, Blount, Gordon, Bender, Holt, Covin, Wideman, Hines, Roquemore, Hall, Bolling, Cocke, Kilpatrick, Cox, Gray, Flood, and Blow families.

My goals for this site are two-fold. I wish to share the fruits of research with my family and hopefully make connections with distant relatives thereby furthering research into family branches unexplored.

Individual Blog entries and highlights on individuals of interest will be spotlighted here while Families of note will have separate pages devoted to their history.

William Daniel Day House in Perry GA Expanded

Day Family Home in Perry, Houston County, Georgia

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