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My Ancestor: Matthew Oliver Leverett


I often use as my the photo of my ancestor Matthew Oliver Leverett as my online avatar. Matthew Oliver Leverett was born in Washington County Georgia on May 10, 1841 the son of George Washington Leverett. He enlisted into the Confederate Army in September 1863. It appears that Matthew was drafted because he was old enough to have volunteered. Why didn’t he volunteer? Family responsibility? Doubt about the war? There’s no way to know for sure but by the time he enlisted the Confederacy was desperate for manpower.

But by March 1865 Matthew found himself in fierce fighting during the siege of Petersburg, VA. During the predawn hours of March 25, 1865 Confederate forces under General John B. Gordon attacked the Union lines around Fort Stedman. The attack was a failure and Matthew received severe wounds. He was wounded in his left arm & thigh which required amputation of his left arm below his elbow.

fort_stedman_02853v Fort Stedman
For further reading of the battle see the account on the Civil War Trust

The rest of his life Matthew lived at his farm in Deepstep in Washington County Georgia where he died on November 2, 1920. He is currently buried at the Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery in Washington County, GA.

Emery Gordon Leverett (son, my great grandfather) and Matthew Oliver Leverett
Spelling is a little problematic. It seems that in many documents his surname is spelled Leverett and the tombstone of his wife’s Adeline on Leverett Rd the name is spelled Leverett while on his tombstone at the church cemetery it is spelled Leveritt. Yet other family members spell it Leverette. Perhaps variety abounds in large part because literacy was weak.
Matthew Oliver Leverett’s CSA memorial at the back of his tombstone. He was a member of Co. B 12th Georgia Artillery
friendshipbaptist-church-in-deepstepga Friendship Baptist Church in Deepstep, GA.            Matthew is buried in the church cemetery in back of the church. His wife Adeline is buried at the old homestead on Leverett Rd.
Tombstone of his wife Adaline at Leverett Cemetery in Deepstep
Adaline Leverett’s tombstone at Leverett-Sparks Cemetery on Leverett Rd in Deepstep, GA
Adaline Leverett
Link to Matthew Oliver Leverett on Find a Grave
Link to Adaline Leverett on Find a Grave (note: Adaline has 2 FAG memorials with 2 seperate spellings. One at Friendship Baptist where she has a memorial tombstone and one at Leverett-Sparks cemetery where she is actually buried.
Link to Adaline Leverett’s Find a Grave at Leverett-Sparks Cemetery on Leverett Rd
Matthew Oliver Leverett